More than 45 years experience in knitting and confection

The current teams have been in place for over 30 years and perpetuates the skills in knitting and refined confection for over 45 years. Those skills are rarer and rarer. The manufacture works with authorities in textile to strengthen and develop some new ones.

Passionate by their craft, 38 collaborators with an average age of 42 years, are working in the workshop.

Those men and women are attentive to produce quality jumpers. Some have been working here for 30 years.
trouver une entreprise reconnue dans le tricotage et la confection de pulls et vêtements EPI

A mastery of key gesture

The quality of a jumper is the result of a succession of key gesture whose mastery takes lot of time. A real expertise takes many years to be acquired.


This determines the shapes and proportions


The yarn is knitted, the panels of stitches are machine-made following a computer programming.


Recycled yarns and wools from France are washed and dried (ennoblement) in order to bring swelling and softness to the mesh panels. They are then passed to the unwinder which stabilizes the mesh and produces flat panels ready for assembly.


All parts are joined up together using the chain point (the models being knitted in shape already, this gives a prettier finish)


Handmade or mechanical depending on the material and mesh used

Adding the collar

This determines the “look” of the jumper (V neck, crew neck, turtle neck…)

Ironing the finished article

Steaming the jumper will hold his final shape, seams are flattened and measures are stabilised

A mastery of personal protective equipment (PPE) clothing techniques

The manufacture offers personal protective equipment (PPE) clothing in categories 2 and 3 that represent the intensity of the risks against which they protect. Level 3 PPE protect against risk of death.
To do this, it develops and then makes its products certified by independent laboratories that will carry out an CE type examination to validate the protection requirements of the product.
 pictogramme EPI pour pulls et vêtements de sécurité et protection individuelle