Manufacture Regain pioneer in its commitments to environmental and social welfare

Since 2010, the manufacture has been engaged in an active demarche towards sustainability: every step of our processes has been reviewed to answer the concerns of a circular economy: optimal shaping, recycling...
In 2011, it’s the first textile manufacture to obtain the label “Lucie”, according to the ISO 26000 norm (Nov 2011 to Dec 2017) that recognises environmental and societal commitments.
In 2018, our company continues its proactive approach and
is committed to the UN Global compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption".
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Quality Iso9001

A leitmotiv : quality

In 1996, the manufacture obtained the AFAQ ISO 9001 that recognises the rigor of the processes applied in the conception and fabrication of our jumpers.
The heritage of its 20 years experience in the professional market gives our jumper an irreproachable quality : colours, material, texture, touch and shape have a remarkable hold.
This recognized quality enabled the manufacture to stand her ground on very competitive market, despite its “Made in France” costs. It’s a unique quality for fashion clothing, now acclaimed by fashion brands with whom the manufacture collaborates;
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Qualité Iso9001 pour entreprise de fabrication de pulls français

A French production

Label OFG Origine France Garantie pour les pulls Regain de Castres

Jumpers are knitted and assembled in Castres.

The Origine France label has been obtained for the first collection launched for winter 2013.
It guarantees the french origines of the garments and and their “Made in France” values.
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The Tricolor Collective

Engaged as a global actor

Laurent Brunas believes in common sense fashion and in sustainable pieces.
For this reason, the manufacture is a founding member of the Tricolor collective, which defends local French wools with the following objectives:
- to create a dialogue between the actors of the sheep breeding, the industry and the distribution;
- to build a common, sustainable, fair and viable vision;
- to set up a collective program to increase the value and use of French shearing wools.
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Collectif tricolore de défense de la laine française

Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Our factory has been officially labelled as « Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant »

This prestigious state label distinguishes French companies with excellent craft and industrial know-how.
It recognises our complex and rare know-how such as knitting, remeshing... But also our commitment to maintain and transmit our know-how and our will to innovate in order to perpetuate our company.
Anchored in its territory since 1973, our factory is recognised for its commitment as a responsible manufacturer and for its contribution to the short cycle with wools from France.
In order to obtain this label, you must first submit a file to the INMA (Institut National des Métiers d'Arts), then undergo an audit and wait for the verdict. The whole process takes about 18 months.
We are very honoured by the confidence that we have been given.

Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Label OFG Origine France Garantie pour les pulls Regain de Castres

Le pull français, la préservation d’un savoir-faire

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